Thursday, September 15, 2011

From the blog - I'd rather be writing

From the Blog I'd rather be writing
Are you a night writer? Does your muse have a favourite time to come alive?

My comment:
I have been known to write complete chapters in my sleep. Especially if I have something on my mind when I go to bed. I just can’t seem to rest until I get it out of my head. So I wake up to these scribbled blotches of text that..maybe..sorta…look like words. It’s a big deal for me to sit down and figure out what I wrote before I can start my day. I get so excited about it that my husband bought me a recorder, now I can talk in my sleep too & truthfully I have gotten some great ideas from my notes. Now, I keep a notebook in the night stand all the time and my voice recorder in my bra all day. Just in case!

After I posted that comment, it reminded of an old TV sitcom called Night Court. There was an episode that always stood out in my mind as the best show ever-

There is a beautiful woman that everyone called the man eating lawyer, the entire cast kept their distance seemingly afraid of being devoured. She was overheard talking to "someone" in the bathroom about having her way with the judge, who's character in the show seemed to be more spineless than desirable. The girl talk spread like wildfire until the lurch like bailiff encouraged the judge to go for it.

It was the shock of the evening to find out she was secretly writing Romance novels. Her conversation had been between her and a tape recorder; she had no interest in the judge and in the end became the vulnerable one... now that he knew her secret. He could hardly believe a woman that was all business, could have a soft side. 

Personally, I think she should have scared him into keeping her secret or else, but that's just me ~


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